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The Benefits of an MBA

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MBA is for leadership and managerial role seekers in a specialised single field. A core MBA will include economics, operations, and data analytics. These skills have been needed to run any company.  Last week I visited the alliance school of business. I have talked with faculty and alumnus. The advantage of getting a premier MBA degree are as follows:

1.   Greater Awareness of a Global Market

MBA students generally come from all backgrounds you will find those who are pursuing MBA are from engineering, management, law, medicine, arts and commerce. You will also find people who have worked in a diversified industry. That will give you broader exposure to global markets.

2.   Improving Communication Skills

Communication skill is a must to get a job role in MNC. MBA can help you finesse verbal and written communication skills. This will make to convey your ideas to anyone in your company. Companies generally look into this skill set.

alliance school of business

3.   Expand Your Professional Network

After MBA you will be a part of a global network. This allows you to take various initiatives and help the company improve profits. Generally, the person who is vice chairman of a company will be an MBA graduate. So the person who will do MBA sitting next to you will be in a prime managerial position. These contact and networks will help in scaling a business and other B2B.

4.   Increased Job Opportunities

You can tap into diversified job roles after getting an MBA degree. The job opportunities in MBA are going to rise by 20 to 30 per cent per year. If just after an MBA degree you have an opportunity to work with a CEO. You will have a chance to earn 50lakhs per annum.

alliance school of business

  1. You are more knowledgeable in areas

MBA is a width degree where you will learn marketing, sales,  finance and business skills.  Any degree program in Computer science and data science will have an in-depth syllabus, not width-wise. There are also specialised MBA programs. But the general MBA program has a wide range of skills that will be useful in any job function.

You will learn business skills You can make money even from any technical degree even more than an MBA degree, just don’t choose it because you want to be a manager or to be in a managerial position or to be an entrepreneur.

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