9 Essential Strategies to Safeguard Your Windows VPS Hosting

The business world has been evolving through ever-changing digital landscape. It started with the static web page to dynamic websites. Gone are those days when your website needs minutes to load. In this age, websites are loaded within 5 seconds. The entire commendation goes to the hosting server.

Different hosting solutions are making digital presence more prominent. Among all, windows VPS hosting is playing a pivotal role in changing the scenario. When hosting requires robust infrastructure with high performance servers- Windows VPS hosting is accessible at affordable costs.

Besides, VPS hosting in windows platforms offers the provision of customizing security settings. You can get full control over the server and manage the resource as per the personalized needs of the business.

In this blog we share some important strategies that would help safeguard the server resources. Once it is secured, you will use it as per your trading needs.

Understanding the Risks

Securing the online environment is vital. Risks of data breach gets higher when you are hosting your website through a server.

When you are not taking care of the security, you may face various threats. Some of them are:

  • Accidental data loss
  • Phishing attacks
  • DoS Attacks (denial of service attacks)
  • Malware virus attach
  • Data breach
  • Insecure APIs
  • Port Scanning

The above ones are some of them, but there can be more threats which can be beyond expectation.

But no need to worry about them. If handled in proper way, VPS hosting on windows platform is most secure one. We will give you some easy ways to prevent such threats from your Windows VPS hosting.

How to secure the hosting server

1. Take up hosting service with affordable or free SSL certificates

This is one of the foundations of the servers. SSL or secure socket layer plays the role of encrypting the data that are transmitted between your website to the visitor. When you choose a hosting service, make sure they provide you server with SSL certificates. Mostly they are provided free with packages or comes up with a very minimum amount.

2. Enable firewall option

The next step that secures your website is enabling firewall options. Firewall is a protection wall that check out every traffic before allowing them to enter from external networks.

There are two options: software firewall (it monitors and filter the network traffic) and hardware firewall.

Hosting service would provide an advanced firewall system to prevent any unauthorized access and blocking malicious traffics.

Particularly for the windows VPS hosting over windows platform- enable the default windows firewall too. They come with every windows OS.

3. Taking Back-up of data is essential

Back-up are done for data retrieval, but it is also a genuine way to secure the data too. IN case of any sudden malware attach, recent back-up would allow instant system updates without effecting the website performance.

Often the best hosting servers comes with automated back-up options. This would do the back-ups consistently on regular basis. Whereas, it is also suggested to off-site cloud storage service must be taken up to protect the data from any further breaches.

4. Antivirus software installation

Antivirus software installation is a common way to secure the platform. In normal hosting packages, the antivirus installation is provided by them. You server has an antivirus installed that take care of any virus attacks. In some case even if firewall fails to prevent, antivirus would surely stop the attack. So, it is a real-time protection that every windows VPS hosting require.

5. Defend DDoS attack

It is one of the most highly concerned threat that can disrupt the usual traffic to any server by overflooding the traffic. It is more like traffic jam that does not allow regular traffic to pass.

It is easy to find out DDoS attack- either you see a splurge of traffic from a single IP address or from any geolocation or at any odd hours.

To avoid such deadly attacks, you must choose a reliable hosting provider. They would implement the DDoS mitigation measures and protection in their servers. It would filter the traffic, monitor them, and balance the load without interrupting the website performance.

6. Implement Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

 The implementation of IDS ensures that any malicious activity is immediately spotted and stopped. Thus, IDS keeps your server protected form hackers, intruders and other cyber threats.

Often IDS are located behind or within the firewall and even on the network. The right position can be highly effective for your website to be protected.

7. Enable automatic software updates

Keep your windows OS updated. Never miss any updates which comes with latest server security. It is best to allow the automatic updates of the windows. In any case automatic updated are not enabled, get notification of any latest updated and download them.

8. Save a strong password for your server

Never ever make the mistake of using the default passwords. It is often the most common yet silly mistakes done.

Always change the password and make it strong. A strong password is a complex combination of letters, numbers, and special characters.

Also enable the two-factor authentication for an extra layer of protection.

9. Secure Remote access

This is crucial step of securing the hosting server as it is considered as the most common entry points. Use SSH keys for authentication purpose and stronger security. You can alos disable the direct root login. This would secure the access to the server.


Well, securing the windows VPS hosting is a crucial part that must not be considered lightly.  Besides taking up these measures it is important to choose a reliable hosting provider too.

InfoSky Solutions has been a trusted web hosting provider in India. We have different packages that suits to different business needs. In each of these packages we include the 100% free SSL, daily auto backup facility, Antivirus and DDoS protection. Our experts are always available to monitor the server activity and ensure a highly protected resource for our clients.


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